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Focused Workshops

This year, we are running focused workshops in specific areas fuelled by your requests.  This is not a situation where you walk into a workshop and the instructor assesses the measure of the average talent and then does a technique class....No sir..... These are professional levelled workshops for specific purposes.  There will be prerequisites, so please do read them.  If you're not ready for the level of the class, you are invited to be a spectator.  The prerequisites are NOT based on your competitive level, they are based on specific personal ability.  Please read the descriptions and be in touch with me if you have any questions.  Also note that some classes have a part 1 and part 2 which may be on separate days.  


Our Ride Workshop will be aimed at our progressive dancers, ideally someone who dances at either level 2 or 3 or competes at intermediate level.  You should have a solid understanding of connection, rhythm pattern and structure and be confident integrating it within the dance.  We will focus on finding balance and manipulating your centre within a shared axis. Feeling comfortable using leverage as a standard part of your dance would be a good indication as to whether this workshop is suitable for you.  The workshop will be challenging, but highly rewarding.  Adding these dynamic movements to your dance  is a surefire way to take your dance and enjoyment of it to the next level.


This workshop will focus on delivering attitude, form and control, layered with subtlety.  We will focus on showing dancers how, when and where to find space and time to express and deliver heat within their West Coast Swing.  This workshop is based on performance and presentation and therefore is open to all levels, but it is important to have control over your basic patterns and rhythms, enabling the focus to be on delivering the Sizzle!  

Finger Turns - Part 1  (There will be several instructors in this workshop to work with the group)

This workshop focuses on the first principles required to create these turns with complete stability.  We will discuss which muscles to activate, how and when to use them to create a single axis spin without falling off balance and becoming disoriented.  This class will be beneficial for dancers who are seeking to only do one or ten turns as the number of rotations are dictated by the Follow. 

Finger Turns -  Part 2  

This class will focus on timing, shaping, and redirecting your rotations while working with different genres of music commonly used in WCS.


Hip Hop Swing with Tren and Marcus

WCS dancers have poured into our global community from various backgrounds bringing prior professional and home grown applications to the dance with them.  When these expressive styles are shared and re-owned by more and more dancers; they become available in our movement repertoire, hence our dance becomes even more expressive.  The ballroom, latin and modern dance influences have been steadily applied in our dance; it's time to take a look at Hip Hop's influence in Swing.  This workshop will study the influence of early swing and Hip Hop's roots in WCS the Street Dance. 


Carolina Shag with Shag Champion Brennar Goree & Ksenia Nomberg

This 4 part series and performance class, will take you from complete beginner to performing in the Sunday evening show.   At the last Swing Resolution Brennar joined us for, this class was packed and the achievement of participants was breathtaking.

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