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Swing Resolution 2019 out-grew our venue, so we embarked on a search for another beautiful, historical, spa hotel for 2020. This year we have the beautiful Radisson Blue on the Royal Mile, in Edinburgh city centre, at the very heart of Scotland's old city. The venue is located between Edinburgh Castle (Mary Queen of Scots) and the Queen's current residence at Holyrood Castle, all within 10 minutes walking distance!

Follow Focus is back!  

Creating stronger, confident and creative Follows every year, Follow Focus has grown as a program, offering a number of Follow styling perspectives by professional dancers stretching the globe over! 

Targeted Workshops  

Every year we speak to professionals who are interacting with dancers of all levels, all over the world, weekly and at large annual events, then we ask them what is needed?  What is lacking?  Where are dancers feeling unsupported- and that is where we conjure up ideas for developing the workshops that grace our schedules. 

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