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We want to let everyone know that we are carefully monitoring information about any new variants, new restrictions, airline travel requirements, how other events have dealt with COVID precautions, and COVID breakouts occurring at WCS events.

Please note that if any person begins to display any cold-like symptoms, they should immediately get a PCR test and stop participating in the event until the results are returned. Anyone who tests positive at the event will be given a discounted pass for next year - pro-rated for each day they could not attend the event. A person who tests positive upon arrival will get a full free pass for next year.

For our international attendees, all those coming into the UK are required to take a PCR test upon arrival and must quarantine in their hotel room until you receive the results. A 3-Hour PCR test is available and reduces time in quarantine. As of now, we know that at Heathrow or Manchester, there is a station with a 3-hour PCR test, which if negative will avoid the need to quarantine. We are hoping Edinburgh Airport will have a 3-hour PCR test available soon as well. We are working to identify all places available for PCR testing shortly, so watch this space. If you can arrive on Thursday or sooner, it would be safer. Staff will be onsite from Thursday.

Attendees should keep track of changing rules. All international travellers should be aware of the requirements to return home. For example, when returning to the United States, the current CDC site indicates that a locally recognized negative Lateral Flow Test within 24 hours of the flight is sufficient but the test should be administered in the U.K. by an authorized person, i.e. Express Test at the airport or in a pharmacy. We are working to find local places that will be available on Sunday close to the hotel - watch this space.

Anyone who has a positive test can be required to quarantine for up to 10 days - it is highly recommended that attendees arriving from outside the country purchase travel insurance that covers this possible occurrence.

The week before the event, please do your best to avoid risky situations. We have over 100 dancers coming and we are all excited to make this a fun and safe experience for dancers of all levels. Our pros are excited to come teach and dance as well.

If anyone has any questions, please contact us privately. If you have new information to add, please, inform us as well.


As the event directors, we take our responsibilities to everyone’s safety seriously, and this is the only way we feel comfortable to safely run this event at this time.

We understand that these protocols are not for everyone and will be taxing, but we are doing it for everyone’s health and safety which is our first priority. We hope things will change for the following year and these protocols will not be necessary.

The following shall apply to all staff, guests, and event directors.

1. All persons entering the U.K. must comply the country’s protocols which are currently a negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to arrival and completion of a passenger locator form, at their own expense. These may change by the time of the event and all are responsible to keep updated of these requirements. We will post updates as well.

2. Laser Temperature test once per day before entering ballroom which must read below 37.8°C /100°F (37°C/98.6°F considered normal). We are concerned about the transmission of the Flu as well in the winter.

3. A negative Lateral flow test before entry to the event.  You will receive an email upon registration with directions of how to do this. All persons must pick up the test kit which is free in the U.K at any pharmacy.

4. There will be sanitizer stations throughout ballroom. We highly recommend people bring their own sanitizers and engage in frequent hand washing.

5. Anyone at the event who shows signs or symptoms of illness should stop participating immediately, use a mask, and seek immediate medical attention. Please also notify the event organizers as soon as possible.

6. All attendees understand that there is no way to remove all risk from contracting a contagious airborne illness at an event involving social dancing and assume the risks by participating at this event. All attendees will be mindful to practice safe and hygienic etiquette. Please, do not sneeze or cough except into your bent arm.

7. For those traveling by public transport, it is highly recommended that a mask be worn throughout the journey, and that hands are sanitized frequently.

8. It is also highly recommended that following the event, attendees avoid unmasked contact with unvaccinated persons for at least 10 days, and upon consultation with your local physician.

9. Anyone is free to keep their mask on while social dancing and during competitions. Judges shall be instructed not to give any consideration to a competitor wearing or not wearing a mask.

10. Anyone who engages in conduct that compromises the safety of any other attendee or staff will be asked to leave without refund.

11. Everyone who registers must confirm they understand and agree to adhere to these rules.

12. Event organizers retain the right to make changes to these policies as the event approaches in line with emerging risk mitigation information and evolving local and national guidelines.

13. All attendees are heavily encouraged to purchase refundable or at minimum, exchangeable flights and hotel rooms. If something unexpectedly changes and we must cancel the event, all tickets will be refundable, or can be used for next year, but we are not responsible for any losses of tickets, hotel, or other incidental costs. All attendees are also encouraged to purchase travel insurance which is very reasonably priced.

We will keep abreast of COVID risk mitigation protocols and outcomes at dance events prior to Swing Resolution and post any pertinent information immediately.


This is a smaller and cozier event and as such, we are limiting sales to 125 passes, exclusive of staff and All-Star passes.

Early Bird pricing from October 1, 2021 until November 5, 2021 will be £145.

From November 5, 2021 to December 5, £155.From December 5 to January 5, £165.

Jack and Jills and Strictly's - £10 per person per competition.

Registration deadline for event passes closes after January 5, 2022.

There will not be any day or evening passes sold for the safety of all attending, and because of the smaller size of the event.

All Stars - 5 leads and 5 follows £35 All-star event passes on a first come first serve basis, and adherence to the health policies is required.

REFUND POLICY: Because of the small size of the event and significant costs for staff, we cannot offer refunds, but a person may transfer their pass to anyone who meets the health policy requirements up until week before the event.

In the unlikely scenario that the event is cancelled attendees will be notified as soon as possible and given the option of a full refund or an equivalent pass for the following year.

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