It is our hope and plan for 2022 to be a mask free WCS event. Considering the social contact that occurs at a dance event we cannot eliminate the risk from COVID-19 and other airborne contagions, but we can take reasonable measures to mitigate the risk of infection.


After much deliberation and advice from frontline medical staff we have instituted the following policy that is subject to change as further information becomes available between now and the event. All attendees and staff (pro and support staff) must each adhere to the following safety protocol requirements.

1. Proof of a COVID-19 Vaccination prior to registration of a recognized vaccine (to be determined).


2. Health Screening Questionnaire completed and sent by email on Thursday before the event. (email address to be provided).


3. Laser Temperature test once per day before entering ballroom which must read below 37.8°C /100°F (37°C/98.6°F considered normal). As well as COVID, there is a risk of Flu in January. We consider it common courtesy, if a person is ill, not to spread their illness it to their friends and fellow dancers.


4. There will be no-touch sanitizer stations throughout ballroom. We highly recommend frequent use of sanitizers and/or hand washing.


5. Anyone at the event who shows signs or symptoms of illness should stop participating immediately and email the event organizer.


6. Masks (covering nose and mouth) must be worn in the hotel and when entering and exiting the ballroom. Only the ballrooms will be mask free and your individual rooms at the hotel. This policy will be reviewed as the event approaches in line with evolving local and national guidelines.


7. All attendees understand that there is no way to remove all risk from contracting a contagious airborne illness at an event involving social dancing and assume the risks by participating at this event.

For those traveling by public transport, it is highly recommended that a mask be worn throughout the journey, and that hands are sanitized frequently.

It is also highly recommended that following the event, attendees avoid unmasked contact with unvaccinated persons for at least 10 days, and upon consultation with your local physician.

If anyone is not permitted to participate for a failure to meet these health rules, the attendee will be able to use their pass for the following year pro-rated for the number of days they did participate.


Anyone is free to keep their mask on while social dancing and during competitions.

Everyone who registers agrees to adhere to these rules which they understand may result in them not being able to participate at the event after their arrival.

We may make changes to the health policy as the event approaches in line with emerging risk mitigation information and evolving local and national guidelines. We will keep abreast of COVID risk mitigation protocols and outcomes at dance events prior to Swing Resolution and post any pertinent information immediately.


Any attendee who registers is entitled to a full refund 60 days prior to the event without reason. Alternatively, a person may transfer their pass if the transferee meets and completes all health policy requirements.

In the unlikely scenario that the event is cancelled attendees will be notified as soon as possible and given the option of a full refund or an equivalent pass for the following year.


Anyone found to have committed fraud concerning these rules will not be permitted to attend the event, and information regarding the fraud will be circulated to other event directors in efforts to provide a safe environment for our dance community.


20 free All-star event passes will be available on a first come first served basis, adherence to the health policy is required for registration.