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Friday Night Party Manager 1am-5am - Volunteer pass for  5 hours commitment for being our "glue" during these hours while we start preparing things for the next day.  This means being in the party and available with the first aid kit (kept under the DJ table in each room),  mitagating any dancers issues that may arrise, helping the DJ with any needs, asking people who fall asleep to go up to their rooms, and contacting the event owners if something needs our immediate attention. This is a full event pass for all classes, workshops, intensives and parties. This does not include hotel accommodation which must be reserved separately.

Sunday Night Party Manager 1am-5am Volunteer Discount Full Event Pass

  • Upon arrival at the hotel, please pick up your wrist bands at the registration desk located in front of the upstairs Ballroom.

    Please collect your room key at the hotel reception desk.

  • All event passes are non-refundable, but you may transfer your ticket to another person who wishes to buy it from you. You must notify us of the transfer by emailing us at, or use the Contact page on this website.

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